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Advanced Evasion

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” - Muhammad Ali

This addon provides many customization options to control how your character evades. Evade.

This addon is accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.

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Key Features

Evade In-Place

Prevent off-mesh issues, falling off cliffs, and other mishaps normally associated with Evade game mechanics.

Evade At-Target

Evade instantly to your target. This can be especially deadly when paired with Bounding Dodger, Impaling Lotus or other skills that benefit from evasion.

Intelligent Evasion

  • Does not waste evades on weak auto-attacks from other players.
  • Does not evade attacks made by blinded enemies.
  • Does not interrupt your healing skills by evading.
  • Optionally does not evade while you have Stability.
  • Does not evade while evade skills are being used.
  • Does not evade while the player is invulnerable.

Evasion Direction Choice

Choose to Evade forward, backward or randomly.

Evade Attack Types

You have the option to evade all attacks that cause any of the following.

  • Knockdown
  • Stun
  • Daze
  • Knockback
  • Pull
  • Sink
  • Float
  • Launch
  • Fear
  • Taunt
  • Immobile
  • Chilled

Evade Specific Skills

Choose to evade specific Skill ID's being cast at you.

Evade Multiple Attacks

Choose to Evade when a certain number of NPCs or Players are targeting you with attacks.

Show Attackers

Visually display all incoming attacks that are targeting you.

Involuntary Movement Control

  • Many skills will cause unwanted involuntary movement to occur. This results in your speed changing to a pre-defined value.
  • You can define what skills and their corresponding speeds will occur either in-place (no movement) or at your target.


  • Evades occur when the player is directly targeted by another player or NPC.
  • GW2Minion can only see ground-targeted skills after they're already on the ground, so they cannot be evaded preemptively.
  • GW2Minion does not have ground-targeted skills mapped out yet, so it can see a hostile effect but doesn't know what that effect is.

Shortcut Support

The following behaviors can be toggled using the shortcut functions mentioned below.

  • AdvancedEvasion.Settings[“Enabled”] = not(AdvancedEvasion.Settings[“Enabled”]) - Enable or disable the addon.

As an example, these steps will create a shortcut to toggle the addon On and Off.

  1. From the MMOMinion menu, click Shortcuts.
  2. In the User Functions section, click New. This will open a Code Editor window.
  3. In the name field, type “AA Toggle” without the quotes.
  4. In the code section at bottom, type “AdvancedEvasion.Settings[“Enabled”] = not(AdvancedEvasion.Settings[“Enabled”])” without the quotes, then click OK.
  5. In the Key Binds section, click New. This will open a Keybind Details window.
  6. In the name field, type “AA Toggle” without the quotes.
  7. In the Function drop-down, choose “AA Toggle”.
  8. Pick the hot keys you'd like to use and click OK
  9. If setup correctly, your configured hotkey will toggle the addon On and Off.

License Information

All artwork included with this addon is fully licensed through IconScout.

Artwork from other intellectual property owners may be displayed from the Internet, but is NOT distributed by this addon.

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