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AFK Chat

"I sincerely hope you weren't expecting a response. Because I'm not talking to you." - GLaDOS

This addon is intended to reduce your chances of getting reported/suspended for botting.

  • It can /team chat at the start of PvP matches. (e.g. “going to middle”)
  • It can taunt killed targets. (e.g. “noob!”)
  • It can focus target / call target at an interval. (
  • It can /say something to thank other players for reviving. (e.g. “My hero!”)
  • It can randomly /say things. (e.g. “wtf”) This leads others to believe you typed to the wrong channel.

This addon chooses from a list of phrases you customize, so no two bots will be saying the same things.

Please do NOT use this addon without customizing the phrases to use. Be creative and original! Make your phrases unique.

This addon is accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.

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Main Menu

Key Features

Configurable Randomness

  • Choose the Minimum and Maximum number of minutes to randomly say things.

Triggered Random Chat

  • AFKChat can say something random at the start of PvP matches, or when you kill something.

Focus Targeting / Called Target

  • AFKChat can focus target / call target at an interval.

Phrases You Choose

AFKChat uses “Phrase Files” that you may edit to customize the random things it says.

It is highly recommended to edit these files.

Default Location: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\GW2Minion64\LuaMods\AFKChat

Phrase Files:

  • Random.txt - This file contains the completely random things AFKChat can /say with no specific triggers.
  • RandomPvPStart.txt - This file contains the random things AFKChat can say at the start of PvP matches.


  • Simply click the button in each section to edit the phrase files using Notepad. Add as many phrases at you like!
  • The maximum phrase limit is currently set at 1000.
  • Reload LUA after editing and saving your phrase files. Simply click the button to do so. (or use CTRL+L or MMOMinion –> Reload LUA)

Menu Options Explained

General Toggles and Options

  • Enabled - Whether or not the entire addon is enabled.

Random Chat

  • Random Chat Enabled - Whether or not to say phrases from Random.txt.
  • Min Delay - The minimum about of time, in minutes, to say things.
  • Max Delay - The maximum about of time, in minutes, to say things.
  • Seconds Until Next Message - The amount of time, in seconds, before the next random phrase will be said.

PvP Match Start

  • PvP Match Start Enabled - Whether or not to say phrases from RandomPvPStart.txt at the beginning of PvP matches.
  • Percent Chance - The percent chance something will be said at the start of a PvP match. (1% - 100%)

Focus Targeting

  • Focus Targeting Enabled - Whether or not to focus target.
  • Delay - The delay in seconds between focus targeting.

Support Options

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