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   * Delay - The delay in seconds between focus targeting.   * Delay - The delay in seconds between focus targeting.
-====== Support ======+====== Support ​Options ​======
-Feel free to ping me on Discord, forum private ​message or by responding to this thread.+  * [[https://​​npFXSUz|Aardvark ​Discord ​Server - Aardvark#​1778]] 
 +  * [[https://​​invite/​0iAWExfcHtob4DtI|MMOMinion Discord Server - Aardvark#​1778]] 
 +  * [[http://​​private.php?​action=send&​uid=516|Private Forum Message]]
-[[https://​​invite/​0iAWExfcHtob4DtI|Discord Server]] Urguwno#​1778 
-[[http://​​private.php?​action=send&​uid=516|Private message.]] 
-[[http://​​newreply.php?​tid=21958|Forum Thread.]] 
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