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If you're using AnyoneCore for reactions then you need to have both TensorCore and TensorReactions installed.

In regards to PvP ACRs, AnyoneCore serves as a library to centralize functions in one place.

In regards to PvE reactions, AnyoneCore is a library for Anyone's reaction profiles for TensorReactions, and as such, this does nothing if you do not have TensorReactions and Anyone's reaction profiles installed. Reaction profiles can be downloaded from the updater inside AnyoneCore after you install the addon.

This addon is not required for certain addons made by Anyone, like Player Inspector or Profiler.

Global functions


Shotcaller is just that, it's your shotcaller. If you've ever used Cactbot or Triggernometry from ACT, this works fairly similarly. Shotcaller can pop text up on your screen to make you aware of something. If you use another addon called MoogleTTS in conjunction, you can even make it say the words aloud with windows' Text To Speech. Additionally, you can add a timer, and have it change colors based on matter of importance.

To make a reaction using Shotcaller, you can use the following LUA code in a reaction:

  • Syntax: AnyoneCore.Shotcall(text [string], tts [boolean], timer [integer in seconds], important [boolean])
  • Example: AnyoneCore.Shotcall(“Hello world”, true, 5, true)

Text: what will be shown on screen.

TTS: uses MoogleTTS to repeat the text as a text to speech message, if set to true.

Timer: how long, in seconds, the message will appear on the screen.

Important: decides what color the message will be. You can set separate colors for normal/important messages in AnyoneCore, under the 'helpers' tab, and in shotcaller's category.

Shotcaller can be fed variables, but it must be converted to a string. As an example, this is used as a reaction to call your limit cut number in Epic of Alexander, using information fed from a separate reaction:

  • AnyoneCore.Shotcall(tostring(data.limitCutNumber), true, 5, true)

Face Away Helper

Face Away Helper is self-explanatory almost, for mechanics where you need to look away from the boss, this will help you to look away. But what people don't realize is that you don't need to look directly away from the boss, you just need to look about 75 degrees away to be unaffected. What's special about this is that normally if you just turned around, you can't finish any channel skills, they just get cancelled. But there is a sweet spot about 75-85 degrees from the bosses center where you won't be affected by these mechanics, and you can still cast spells. Face Away Helper automates that that sweet spot.

To make a reaction for Face Away Helper, put the following into a LUA reaction on your timeline:

  • AnyoneCore.Data.FaceAway.facing = true

Place this a second or two before the mechanic you need to look away from. After the mechanic ends, you'll need another reaction to turn it off:

  • AnyoneCore.Data.FaceAway.facing = false

Don't forget to put self.used = true at the end of each of your LUA reactions.

For an example, a reaction has been added to e8s timelines at “115 - Shining Armor”. This reaction features a delay using throttle to turn Face Away Helper off after the mechanic ends.

Global Toggles

Global toggles is an attempt to streamline making new timelines. One line of code could turn off AOE on every ACR, and every job that is currently supported. Instead of making 10 timelines for 10 jobs, you could quickly make one timeline that works for 10 jobs, then branch off anything that needs a special treatment for optimization.

To use the global toggle system in a reaction, put the following into a LUA reaction your timeline:

  • Syntax: AnyoneCore.Toggle(type [string], state [boolean], timer [(optional) integer in milliseconds])
  • Example: AnyoneCore.Toggle(“cd”, false, 5000) - Turns toggles contained in CD to false, then 5 seconds later enables them again.
  • Example 2: AnyoneCore.Toggle(“aoe”, true) Turns toggles contained in AOE to true.

CD can be changed to a number of different stuff, the usual culprits are [CD, AOE, DoTs, Burn, Hold, Pots, Setpots]. Some jobs may have specialized toggles, like dancer has [Standard, Tech, Saber, Dances]. The list of toggles and what they do for each ACR is currently unavailable but can be provided upon request in my discord.

As many timers can be created as you could possibly want. Existing timers are wiped upon boss reset.

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