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 The following are the current recommended builds. The following are the current recommended builds.
-  * [[http://​​editor/?​PeQAIlFwsYVMPWKm+WdtfA-zRRYBhBHF4zoVJQ6KANeRCgNwD-e|PvE & WvW]]+  * [[http://​​editor/?​PeQAIlFwsYVMPWKm+WdtfA-zRRYBhBHF4zoVJQ6KANeRCgNwD-e|Mortar]] (Long range. Very good in WvW Zergs.) 
 +  * [[http://​​editor/?​PeQAIlFwsYVsOWJW+SftfA-zRRYbRBAH+yIiEI9CwkLiAUwB8kNQP9DWEVcD-e|Flamethrower]] (Higher DPS w/100% Stability up-time.) 
 +  * [[http://​​editor/?​PegAo6lRweYYMHWKe6SntKA-zVJYjRDfZ0bCkeBo+FJA2AvGAcZB-w|Altruism]] (Support / Swaps Mortar Kit to Take Conditions)
 **Stat Priority** **Stat Priority**
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