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Assist HUD

“The wisest men follow their own direction.” - Euripides

This addon provides a Heads-Up Display (HUD) to conveniently control your Assisted Play experience.

What is “Assisted Play”?
This is a bot mode in which MMOMinion handles your combat routine, and optionally targeting, while you handle movement.

This addon can be accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.

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Key Features

  • Quick Toggle buttons to control Assisted Play behavior.
  • Enable or prevent bot-assisted movement while in Assisted Play mode.
  • Customize your quick toggles. Make them bold or partially blend into the background. Size them any way you like!
  • Hacks toggle to help prevent other players from noticing.
  • Configure the bot's default throttle for faster reaction times or less CPU consumption.
  • All features are well-documented with mouseover tooltips.
  • Integration with Jorith Radar. Turn ESP on/off with a click of the Radar button.
  • Integration with null_Tag_Assistant. Turn “tagging” mode on/off with the click of a button.

User Interface

Quick Toggles

Main Menu


Q) Is this compatible with Alhazred and Apophis? They already have Quick Toggle menus.
A) Yes, but this addon will disable itself if another addon with a Quick Toggle menu is loaded, as the profession-specific addons provide duplicate functionality.

Q) Is this compatible with Mirage Deluxe?
A) Yes, this addon works with Mirage Deluxe or any other Skill Manager profiles.

Q) Does this include any Skill Manager profiles?
A) No. You may use the default Skill Manager profiles included with Minion, buy Skill Manager profiles in the Addon Store, download Skill Manager profiles from the forums, or create your own Skill Manager profiles.

Open API / Shortcut Support

  • AssistHUD.Toggle() - Toggles the addon completely on/off.
  • AssistHUD.ToggleHacks() - Toggles hacks on/off.
  • AssistHUD.ToggleAssistedMove() - Toggles bot-assisted movement on/off.
  • AssistHUD.EnableAssistMode() - Turns on the bot in Assisted Play mode.
  • AssistHUD.ToggleAssistedPlayMode() - Toggles Assisted Play mode on/off.
  • AssistHUD.Settings[“TicksThreshold”] - Integer - Sets the bot's tick threshold (response time)
  • AssistHUD.SetValidTargets(option) - Integer (1 Mobs+, 2 Players Only)
  • AssistHUD.SetTargetPriority(option) - Integer (1 none, 2 lowest health, 3 nearest, 4 groups)

License Information

All artwork included with this addon is fully licensed through IconScout.

Artwork from other intellectual property owners may be displayed from the Internet, but is NOT distributed by this addon.

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