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 这是一个可以自动交易金币的插件 这是一个可以自动交易金币的插件
-One million gil will be traded in one time+You can customize the transaction amount
-一次性将会交易100万的金币 +你可以自定义交易的金
------ +
-for english user+
-Choose the target you want to trade and activate addons 
-{{:zh:en.jpg|}}+  - Choose the target you want to trade (CN:选择你的交易目标) 
 +  - Choose send or receive (CN:选择send(给)receive(收)) 
 +  - Drag the amount you need (CN:点击Trade 会+100W,点击Gil -100W,滚动栏左右拖动,或者Ctrl+鼠标左键点击自定义数量) 
 +  - Click trade to start (CN:​点击trade进行交易) 
 +  - enjoy and report bug to mmominion discord (devs:​Arthur Keramon) 
 + <​WRAP center round tip 60%> 
 +tips:Click Trade(text at the bottom) to add 1 million,, click Gil reduce 1 million, drag left and right on the scroll bar, or Ctrl+click the left mouse button to customize the amount 
 +CN:​点击Trade 会+100W,点击Gil -100W,滚动栏左右拖动,或者Ctrl+鼠标左键点击自定义数量 
----------+<WRAP center round tip 60%> 
 +Every time you reload mmominion, your configuration will be cleared CN: 每一次重启插件或者minion都会清空配置 
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