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Before you start, it's really IMPORTANT that you READ THIS : Basic Bot Settings


In x64 you can use maximum graphical settings as long as your PC can handle it, if not you will need to set it to low.

  • DO NOT forget to turn off Legacy controls or your bot will act really weird and we don't want that, right?

Grind Mode

Grind mode will grind mobs/fates in the map you are on based on the settings you are using, it won't switch maps unless you are using a profile so keep that in mind.


  • Do Hunting Log: Will kill mobs for the selected hunting log on the map you are grinding on, could be used with other options like “do fates”.
  • Do Atma: Will do Atma fates.
  • Do luminous: Will get luminous.
  • Do Fates: Will do the fates in the map you are on depending on the settings/tweaks you use.
  • Fates only: Will ignore everything else and will do ONLY fates in the map you are on depending on the settings/tweaks you use.
  • Kill Non-Fate Aggro: Will kill the aggro on you that is not fate related for example the aggro you got while moving from fate to fate.
  • Rest in fate: Will rest in fates till the hp/mp% you set reached before going to the next fate.
  • Min/Max fate level: Will ignore fates above/below character level.
  • No Min/Max: Will do ALL fates in the map.
  • Teleport%: Will teleport to the next fate once the % you set is reached. *NOT RECOMMENDED*
  • Wait near Evac: Will wait near evac point before going to the next fate.
  • Min/max random delay: Will wait random amount of settings between the 2 values you input before going to the next fate.


  • Prioritize Claims: Works with Content ID from your grind markers. When Enabling Prioritize Claims the bot will try and gather all mobs within the Claim Range that match the content ID you put on the grind marker. Claim Range sets how far the bot will look for Mobs when you enable Prioritize Claims.
  • Claim range: The range the bot will try to claim the mob from.
  • Attack Claimed: Will attack mobs that are claimed by other people.


  • Here you can select what fates to do and from what % to go do them, the only recommended setup here is not having the boss fate % at 0 because then you may die.
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