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What is Bottox Manager?

First, it's the core library for all Bottox Addons (Dailies, Navigator, Scenery, Duties & Trials etc…) If you use Bottox Addons, you need to install Bottox Manager. But it's also a good way to share some free tools, trials, beta addons, and test new stuff with the community.

Where to find it?

Settings: Here you can setup everything related to your character. Those settings will be used for all Bottox content.

Tools you can find in Bottox Manager:


Alternative grind module. Most likely “press start” content.

Hunt Radar

This tool will notice you when a Hunt is available on your map.


Uncovering accursed hoard from Palace of the Deads, quick turn-in Eureka items & Transmute materias.


Assister for Botanist/Miner. You move, the bot gathers. Support for normal and collectable items.


Turn-in collectables to NPC.


Fast tags for Chocobo Racing. Choose your race, and press start, it tags in less than 1 sec.

More tools are available for developers

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