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What is Bottox Manager?

All Bottox addons for FFXIVMinion in only one app. You will find both demo versions and store addons (Revolt, Scenery, Dailies, Navigator, Dominion etc…) & free tools (Poacher, Exorcism, GatherAssist, Real Estate).

Where to find it?


Here you can setup everything related to your character (Gear Sets, Addons settings). Those settings will be used for all Bottox addons.

Free Tools you can find in Bottox Manager:


Alternative grind module. Just add the items you want to the list and press start.

Hunt Radar

This tool will notice you when a Hunt is available on your map.

Exorcism (4 tools in 1)

Uncovering accursed hoard from POTD + HOH, quick turn-in Eureka items, Materia Transmuting tool, and Fast trading tool.


Assister for Botanist/Miner. You move, the bot gathers. Support for normal and collectable items.

Real Estate

Legit people will try to buy the house… But you'll get it first!

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