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-Bleh+===== Craft Order Creation =====  
 +To create a craft order, either modify an existing profile, or create a new one using the two buttons next to the "​Profile"​ field:​((NOTE:​ This is not a tutorial for creating skill profiles, only how to set up the list of items to craft)) 
 +==== Craft Order - Add Tab ==== 
 +  ***Class:** Select the class that makes the item. 
 +  ***Level Dropdowns:​** Craftable items, separated by level.  
 +  ***Amount to Craft:** Number of items to craft. 
 +  ***Require HQ:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will not count any NQ items made toward the "​Amount to Craft"​.  
 +  ***Count HQ:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will NOIDEA. 
 +  ***Use Quicksynth:​** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will use the in-game quicksynth feature to make the item. 
 +  ***Skill Profile:** Select the skill profile to use when crafting the item. 
 +  ***Use HQ Items:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will use HQ materials to make the item. 
 +==== Craft Order - Manage Tab ==== 
 +  ***Override:​** Select a food to eat. This will override the profile food, if one is set. 
 +  ***Skip:** Skip this item when crafting this list.  
 +  ***Edit:** Bring up the add options for the selected item. 
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