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Fish Mode

To enable Fish mode, select “Fish” from the “Bot Mode” dropdown. You must ensure an appropriate Skill Profile is chosen, or Fish mode will not work.

For information about setting up custom fishing markers, please see Fishing Markers.

Fish Mode - Settings Tab

  • Fish Debug: When enabled, FFXIVMinion will display debug-level logging messages in the console.
  • Debug Level: Select the level of debug logging. If a developer has asked you to do this, they will normally also tell you which level they need.
  • Use Exp Manuals: When enabled, FFXIVMinion will use any Survival EXP manuals in your inventory.

Fish Mode - Collectable Tab

To use the Collectable Tab, click Add Collectable and enter the item name (case-sensitive) and minimum collectability.

  • Use Known Defaults: When clicked, FFXIVMinion will attempt to populate the “Min Value” field with known values.
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