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-Bleh+===== Quest Mode =====  
 +To enable Quest mode, select "​Quest"​ from the "Bot Mode" dropdown. You must ensure an appropriate Skill Profile is chosen, or Quest mode will not work.  
 +==== Quest Mode - Status Tab ====  
 +This tab shows informational data only - if you experience a problem while questing, please have this data ready when you ask your question.  
 +==== Quest Mode - Settings Tab ====  
 +  ***Game Language:** Language of your game client. ((NOTE: Failure to set this correctly will lead to spamming /say when a quest requires your character to speak)) 
 +  ***Prioritize Huntlogs:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will prioritize your class huntlog over completing quests. 
 +  ***Auto-Set Grind Parameters:​** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will determine where to grind based on logic found in the {{::​coal:​ffxivtutorial:​autogrind.png?​linkonly|Auto-Grind Configuration}} that is opened by clicking "​Modify Auto-Grind"​. 
 +==== Quest Mode - Debug Tab ==== 
 +  ***Quest Debug:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will display debug-level logging messages in the console. 
 +  ***Debug Level:** Select the level of debug logging. If a developer has asked you to do this, they will normally also tell you which level they need. 
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