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* Artwork by ⭐𝓓 ΰ 𝘒 𝒆⭐#8105

This addon is accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.



This addon is PvP and general PvE eg. fractals dungeons etc. NOT RAIDS

Only supports sword / focus.

THIS IS A SEPARATE ENTITY FROM SKILLMANAGER. You don't need assist mode to use this Module.

If you decide to use Assist Mode for auto targeting then make an EMPTY SKILLMANAGER

Frequently Asked Questions

Q | Is it typical of it to auto attune between air/earth constantly?

A | Yes for PvP as it gives buffs. For PvE turn it off in the addon menu “settings” tab

Q | How do I know how far I can attack? the bot remains stationary and does not attack (when I am at distances greater than 1000)

A | Use Jorith radar or the built in minion radar to judge the distance between you and your target then move closer.

Q | Hello, do I need an empty profile for skill manager like Alhazred/Apophis?

A | Yes, you do. After this is done you can turn on assist mode so you can auto target lowest health or etc. Or you can leave assist mode off minionbot and manually target.

Q | What should I be manually targeting?

A | Rangers and Necromancers pose the biggest threat to your survival focus rangers until necro goes into lich if they do then get the necro.

Q | Do I need to have minion assist on?

A | No

Usage Guide

After opening the lua module in the MMOminion menu → Press the Green start button to start the addon.

If you want to PvP then just dive right in.

if you want to PvE then you have to toggle the PvP setting off on the menu.

Helpful Addons

- Jorith's radar or built in radar

- Advanced Evasion for Line of sight lines(when people target you it draws a line to your character. You then can see whether they are actually going to hit you or not.

- The addon should dodge big damage attacks itself IN PVP Only.

Build Guide

PVP Builds

PVE Builds

Available utilities for usage - Twist of fate (PvP), Signet of fire(PvP,PvE), Glyph of elemental power(PvE), Primordial stance(PvP,PvE), Stone Resonance(PvP).

Any other utilities not listed above will not work


- cwsm:ToggleAddon() - Enables or disables the addon

- cwsm:TogglePvP() - Toggles the 'PvP' Option in menu.

Contact Info

You can contact me by DMing - Andrew|Drew|Andy|#8052 Feel free to join the discord.

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