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 **Returns your current HP** **Returns your current HP**
-Prefix: hp + 
-Code: <code lua>​return Player.hp.current</​code>​+Prefix: hp 
 +Code: <code lua>​return Player.hp.current</​code>​
 **Returns your current map and position** **Returns your current map and position**
-Prefix: pos + 
-Code: <code lua>​return GetMapName(Player.localmapid)..":​ <"​..Player.pos.x..",​ "​..Player.pos.y..",​ "​..Player.pos.z..">"</​code>​+Prefix: pos 
 +Code: <code lua>​return GetMapName(Player.localmapid)..":​ <"​..Player.pos.x..",​ "​..Player.pos.y..",​ "​..Player.pos.z..">"</​code>​
 {{::​customcommands.png?​nolink&​400|}} {{::​customcommands.png?​nolink&​400|}}
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