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Esper is a combat routine for Arcanists and Scholars and is written on the ACR platform.


  • Level 1 through 60 is supported.
  • Custom GUI with access to 60+ settings to fit your needs.
  • Setting Preset buttons in the GUI for quick setup.
  • Heals and buffs your party (no target needed).
  • Option to control your pet.
  • Option to Cleric Stance Dance.
  • Option to stop casting a heal mid-cast if the target doesn't need it anymore.
  • Built-in and frequently updated dispel list.
  • Quick access toggle overlay available.
  • Hotkeys to toggle features on/off.


Below are screenshots of the settings windows


Quick Toggle Overlay

Below is an in-game screenshot of the overlay

User Guide

Upon purchase and installation, Esper will show appear in your ACR window if your in-game job is an Arcanist or a Scholar. If you are unfamiliar with the ACR platform please follow this link. Features Below is a screenshot of the ACR window with Esper as the selected profile.

Cleric Stance Dance

Cleric Stance is a LVL6 Conjurer ability that increases damage dealt by healers, but decreases their healing output. With the Cleric Stance Dance option enabled, Esper will attempt to have Cleric Stance on when doing damage, but off before casting a healing spell. However, because Cleric Stance is an instant cast ability with a 5 second recast timer, it is possible that Esper might be forced into using a heal with Cleric Stance enabled. This happens when Cleric Stance was toggled on, but the player or a party member needs a heal within 5 seconds of the cast. It is recommended that the Cleric Stance Dance option not be used if your character is undergeared, or if you are in savage mode raids. Esper will only heal with Physick if the player has Cleric Stance on.

Mana Conservation

In order to conserve mana, Esper offers options that prevent overhealing.

  • Damage Only If Group Over Health %
    • Makes sure that everybody in your party is over the specified health percentage before proceeding to the damage rotation
  • Stop Cast If Someone Drops Below That Health
    • Stops the casting of a damage spell if a group member drops below the specified health percent



  • Use Pet
    • When enabled, Esper will summon your selected pet if it is not currently summoned.
      • If you have a pet summoned but it is not the currently selected pet, it will dismiss the current pet and resummon the selected one.
  • Selected Pet
    • The pet that you would like Esper to summon.
      • If you have a pet summoned but it is not the currently selected pet, it will dismiss the current pet and resummon the selected one.
  • Let Esper Control Pet
    • When this option is enabled, Esper will control your pet based on the settings provided.
      • If the option is disabled, Esper will simply put your pet into Sic mode.


If you need support or if you have a question I can be reached through e-mail or through Discord (messaging software).

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