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The bot navigates ontop of a so called Navigation Mesh. This is a recorded area of the actual game floor-geometry. If the game changes or the mesh was badly recorded, the bot can get stuck.

Report a Mesh Problem

  1. If you found the bot to be stuck in a map, please make a screenshot of the position and write a short description what happened into the corresponding line / colum below.
  2. We'll try to fix that problem as soon as possible.

Help fixing a Mesh Problem

  1. You can also help to fix Mesh problems by editing the Navmesh yourself and then sending the changed files to fxfire in the forum.
  2. In order to be able to edit the 'official' Navigation Meshes, you need access to the original .obj files, which hold the input data. Selected Users and Developers have access to these files, if you want to help fixing mesh bugs, please get in contact with us.
  3. Click here to learn how the Navigation Mesh Editor works

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