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Sebbs Fishing Guide

This Questing application is designed for MMO MinionApp to be used with Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn DX11. (X64)

It will complete the fishing guide for your Character while you're Away or asleep.
(All tasks have Level, Weather and Time Requirements.)


UI listing all fish in Fish Guide.
Auto Flags fish on catch.
Minimal User Input required.

How to set it up

1. Make a new setting file for you char.
(Do not use the same setting file for multiple Chars as they will share the fish caught list between them.)
puu.sh_vp6i5_9be3bf1b49.jpg puu.sh_vp6p7_fdce81d831.jpg
2. Once you have a fresh setting file you can manually select the fish you have already caught or just turn it on and let it run.

Other Info

(Diadem fish not supported)

Report any bugs here

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