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Bot Function Bug Report Page

This page is for reporting bugs in the bot functions and NOT your personal issues to start the bot or the launcher or anything like it. If you find a bot function not working anymore, please edit the table below and add as much information as you can, so we can reproduct and fix the bug.

Problem Name Problem Description Link to Screenshot / Video Developer Comment
Unstuck stupid The unstuck function of the bot constantly runs, even when the bot is not navigating.. Moving the unstuck into the actual navigation to fix it..
Mouse-World-Pos The Get-Mouse-World-Pos-Coords function is missing.. Adding it asap..
Autostart bot Autostart bot checkbox does not automatically restart the bot once it loaded ingame
OMC Water Bounce Landing from a precise OMC into water results in ~3 seconds bouncing on the water Need to add “water handling” in the OMC handler
Improve Pathfinding Super long paths and simple “is reachable” require a lot of ressources → use alternative precomputed grid ?
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