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Full name “Latty To Kitanoi's Dungeon Framework”, its goal is to become a go between quest profile (preferably Latty's profile, hence the name) and Kitanoi's Dungeon Framework, so it will handle transition from unlocked dungeon through quest to running said dungeon then releasing to quest mode again.

In a full functional state you will look as busy as Salem LOL .

If you want to contact me for support, just ask on minion discord, im not hiding, Kitanoi also made a #l2kdf channel on his discord, please don't inconvenience him!


  • Addons/Files
  • Require Kitanoi's Dungeon Framework to be owned to run this addon
  • Also Require a working Quest Profile, preferably Latty's one
  • RinnLib my other free addon will be required as it contains / will contain several function used in profiles
  • You will also need Argus which is prerequisite for KDF and Tensor Core which is prerequisite for Argus
  • Some dungeons may require custom mesh
  • Characters
  • For most early dungeon you will need at least 2 account, 1x Booster and 1x Leader
  • The latter one may require as much 8 account and possibly 4-6x Booster in the lvl80 ilvl505-520 range, to successfully run some trials (Shb, can't unsync for now)
  • The self booster option can be used to complete dungeon by yourself and require you to be sufficiently geared and leveled, but it will expectedly stop at dungeon that require more booster to complete
  • In order to do multibooster dungeon one need, ordered list of booster meaning if you have multiple boostee that may require these Dungeons / trials they need to have the same list of booster in the same order, or this will undoubtly fail and get stuck
  • Meshes
  • Get the last [KDF] mesh version it will be required to run it, you will need to copy that folder to your Minion folder such as “C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\Navigation”, make sure to not create extra folder, there should be only one folder after Navigation ( ex: “\Navigation\[KDF] - Copperbell Mines\*” ) containing nav and geo files


  • Initial release of this addon will be early alpha at best so numerous bugs are to be expected
  • Boostee and Leader have been merged, the world travel that used to be the boostee peculiarity, will be added at a later date.
  • Adding to the release the self booster option, for some rare usecases, like if you've used a Tale of Adventure Job on your char
  • Mapped up to Ghimlyt Dark (included) some of the last dungeons / trial of StB are sketchy at best, and may require up to 4 booster to make sure it works about well (Tsukuyomi)
  • Unordered booster matching and multiple boostee + booster matching shouldn't be possible until theres some kind of means of communication added between toons, most likely to be personal API servers, at least that's what i think of as of now

Once it reach final version it may handle most dungeons / trials (as per existing curated / released dungeon profiles) but will never handle the Alliance raids from ARR you will need at the very least to complete Crystal Tower's Laby by yourself, as for the other 2 there are some way to automate it, but will still not be included in L2KDF!

Definition of terms used

  • Booster is the character that will unsync dungeon / trial for you, its kinda expected for it to be a lvl 80 with ilvl505 to 520, for invitation purposes you will have to be on Booster homeserver
  • Boostee is a character doing quest, it also handle invitation and queuing dungeon into KDF, later on it will world travel back to its quest server once the duties are completed.

For L2KDF to be working at minima there must be one booster and one boostee, at least for now ! (self booster is a rare usecase where only one account could be used, this in itself may require to have either leveled your char through an out of msq mean, like squadron or potd, or having used Tale of Adventure Job token)
As of now the role of Boostee and Leader are merged, the Leader of before will likely simply be a Boostee that stay on Booster home server, while other Boostee will at times world travel to complete their quests

Setup process

  • First you will choose the role the characters you will use may take Boostee for leveling ones / Booster for lvl 70-80 ones as per the definition of terms
  • Then you will need to fill in the characters name, Booster will require a list of Boostee for which it will accept invitation (those not in will be refused) and Booster can fill a list of Boostee, will need to select a main booster with checkbox IsB (servers/world can't be edited as of now)
  • Would you want to complete multibooster dungeons / trials you will need to have booster list in the same order or you may end up with 2 incomplete parties stuck in trying to invite the other party booster, and lastly will need to check the Allow Multibooster, its a failsafe in case you don't have the requisite number of booster
  • Lastly once everything is filled you will Toggle L2KDF button and run your favorite quest profile (preferably Latty's)
  • Qol: added override which let you do dungeon / trial with more booster than suggested, which may help you complete duties in case of lower leveled booster for instance
  • Qol Shortcuts: “→” let you add target by name, you can also do this while adding a new booster / boostee (it should take target name)
  • Qol Shortcuts: as you need to be in your homeworld to accept invite as a booster some status was added to confirm one is indeed there
  • Kinda Qol : switching role doesnt overwrite your booster / boostee name now

  • You may want to interrupt the process several times, to unlock jobs / new skills to make the leveling process easier.
  • If missing the Road to 70 buff you may want to config your Latty's quest profiles to include sidequest on top of msq, or it may reach dead end
  • Would advise you to add this module to your LuaMods folder (or BaseProfile folder if you use old version of Anyone's Profiler), it will enforce [KDF] mesh as default
  • Would also advise to try and use one of my other module i posted on Minion Chat discord namely Backtosleep and Backtosleep Background, once the Multi-Boostee feature is released it will be possible to use the same Booster for multiple Boostee, the issue being if your Boostee are on the same kind of quest dungeon they may be waiting basically stacked on each other, the role of these module is to make sure they are safely delivered to Inns

Known Issues

  • If unlocked hard trial outside of msq, there may be some roadblock as they don't rely on msq quest
  • Perf may take a slight hit on fps while its running
  • Several LUA errors in console
  • Had some weird issue where it didnt move back to toggle main mode
  • forgot to add an interact to teleporter when leader/boostee dies in praetorium will be solved in a later update
  • Xelphatol / Baelsar's Wall may need some rework on first boss and last boss respectively
  • 3 booster needed for Bismark / Final Steps of Faith, may be overriden at a later date
  • Things are working in their optimal state but thats it, as an example if you don't have enough booster and still try to launch well there are no nice errors and thing at best it will just be stuck at worst expect wall of lua errors xD


  • v0.0.7 : added support for multibooster and multiboostee (basic, doesnt include world travel), multibooster checkbox and behavior for dungeon / trial that require it, expansion of profile upto stormblood (not included any from Stormblood)
  • v0.0.4 to v0.0.6: tried fixing issues that some encountered, thanks to user Vigo on discord, it now include chinese for join and decline and should now work for chinese client
  • v0.0.3 : mostly profile changes so that current mapped dungeon would effectively function with only 2 bots (booster and leader), also fixed Hard Trial that had no support from the Booster side
  • v0.0.2b : no actual change to files, modified the wiki to include what im thinking should be the future of this mod as per recent thinkings, mostly advancement related
  • v0.0.2 : fix for brayflox and totorak, stopping self booster before CM (right now it is firstly broken, and secondly require 3 toon), wiki change included recommended addon to force default mesh, copperbell mesh changed make sure to download [KDF] mesh / or rename it
  • v0.0.1 : initial release added the self booster option


  • Kitanoi for his help and awesome addon
  • Latty for his quest profile
  • Mash as Dungeon Creator helped me to deliver this kind of GUI
  • BugsReporter and User Vigo for chinese client support
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