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How many quests?

   522 in total.
   263 story quests.


  Complete story progression from 2.0 to 2.55.
  Side quests!!
  Questing with companion.
  Unlocks hardmode dungeons.
  Your choice of which GC you want to join.
  Does chocobo and companion quest.
  Bot will move to an inn before each duty and stop. Enjoy some rested exp if you are afk.
  Huntlogs will be completed as you are doing quests for fast exp.
  And more!!!


  This pack contains 2 profiles. You'll be able to do story only or story and side quests. You get both profiles with purchase, not selling these separately.
  Picking your GC requires a manual right click to accept the quest from the GC npc you want to join.
  When the bot stops, a popup window will tell you what to do next.
  Chocobo quest requires a little manual intervention. You have to buy the item and name your chocobo.
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