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Let me buy this for you

Addon is discontinued. Users who have it purchased can still use it but won't get any updates anymore.

This addon lets you create a list of vendor items that you want to buy and automatically work them off. This can be useful for daily purchases like provisional tokens for raid armor, achievements for legendaries (e.g. Astralaria Zinn's Prize Student) and so on.


  • Create/Edit a task list with vendor items that shall be visited when addon is started
  • Supports beside normal vendors all Converters and Skirmishing Chests
  • Assign user that may hold the required items for a purchase (automatically switches to them when addon is running)
  • Teleports to vendor by hacks if enabled and normal navigation fails (use with caution!)
  • Automatically changes task lists (allows to further split lists to own preference)
  • Automatically stops bot when done with the task list(s)


All changes to a task or the tasklist are only persisted if Save button is pressed! Watchout, changing/creating new task list, changing bot mode, refreshing lua will discard your changes if not saved.


  1. Go to the first vendor where you want to buy something from
  2. Select the vendor and open it till you see the vendor window with the items
  3. Open the desired vendor tab where your item in question is
  4. Click on New Tasklist button
  5. Select the desired item from the Vendor Items dropdown and click “Assign” button
  6. Adjust what you want (Stacks, Tele hack, Assign your user, etc.)
  7. Click “Save” button
  8. Go on to the next vendor and redo from step 2 till your list is finished. From then on you can just run the list and the bot will do it's work ;)

The created task files can be shared. Just send the .lua file in “LuaMods/LetMeBuyThisForYou/taskfiles” to your friend. Before sharing REMOVE your assigned characters by using the “Remove <char name> from task” button or your friend will crash his game by running your taskfile.


Support is given on my Discord channel

Public API

LetMeBuyThisForYou.GetState() -- returns nummber IDLE=1, RUNNING=2, TASKEND=3
LetMeBuyThisForYou.GetTask() -- returns table the task object
LetMeBuyThisForYou.IsDone() -- returns boolean and indicates if everything is done (tasklist(s))
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