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Madao Core

Core addon for Madao addons. You must have this addon for running my addon series.

  • My Addons dont support any passive type addon.
  • You cannot run my addon series with other addons together.
  • if you get error or bug please remove non madao addons to other folder and try without them please.
  • You have to set another minion settings for each character.


Visual Tips For Common Features

Activate Madao Series Addon / Set MainUI

  1. Click here to open main menu
  2. This Button is start button of Madao addons.
  3. Please set this to MadaoCore
  4. Minimize window.(good for cleaning up window mess.)
  5. Bot Pause : pausing bot without resetting bot ongoing values.

Minion Settings File

Set/Craft Navigation Mesh

  • You must set up Mesh for your housing zone and inside house/apartment.(FC apartment is not supported yet.)
  • Creating Flow Step : [3] → [7][8] → [9] → [4] → [6]
  • If you click Save before recorde raw mesh data. It causes perm loading.(Need to remove generated empty file from folder manually from windows file system.)
  1. Click here for opening up Navigation Manager UI
  2. Current Selected Mesh Name.
  3. Push here for create new blank mesh.
  4. Push here for Saving Recorded mesh.
  5. Push here to delete current selected mesh.
  6. Push here to set current selected mesh as default mesh of this zone.
  7. Watch Created Generated Navigation mesh.
  8. Watch Created Recorded raw data mesh for generating.
  9. Record Mesh : pick up LowDanger for recording. and push CTRL(mesh record start button) for start recording.
  10. Set range-threshold for mesh recording.
  11. Delete Mesh : pick up delete for removing raw data mesh.
  12. Set range-threshold for mesh removing.

Set Back Location

  •  You need to create mesh for housing zone. Please look 1st picture of this page.
  • Also that idiotic input is surely need for ppl to understand how it goes:/
  • If you check “Get Back to Point” bot will go back to this location when bot is done.
  • Inside House / Outside House / City Inn / Apartment are current assignable location.
  • You must record position inside house/apartment for house/apartment
  1. Push here for setting up location.
  2. There is Choice Inn and Housing Zone.
  3. you maybe able to set up multi location. but havent tested it for long time…so maybe not ? please set it specific number or record one and set 0.
  4. Set Housing Area here.
  5. Set Type : in house / out house / apartment FC room is invalid.
  6. Memo
  7. Push Save this location.(If you cant see this button, means you have no mesh on your current location. or you dont make mesh file for that zone.)
  8. Recorded Location : if you have more than 1 Please set [3] as specific one. maybe random moves silly

Retainer Set Up

Retainer Task is replaced Please check this add on wiki instead normal retainer usages are free(hunt / quick / repeat)

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