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-DLC for MadaoCrafter/​MadaoGather+You Must Have MadaoCrafter/​MadaoGather ​for autoDo part
-craft order set / craft additional set for each recipe / food potion set for each recipe+price 9euro
-list up your items for crafting ->​create ​craft profile ​craft skill gather profile ​push 1 button and full auto (cannot gurantee HQ for star recipes without proper equipments)+craft order set assign ​additional assign for each recipe 
 +Auto Generate CraftRecipe/madao normal gathering task /buy from vendor task
-materia socketing and desocketing for madao materia system+(on progress) 
 +griding item from monster list generation
-auto turn in GreenItems to Company Officer ​ / also add craft and turn in 
-Discard item whitelist 
-chocobo saddle back craft item storage 
-Random Afk while gathering moving tward point option 
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