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 ===== Public API ===== ===== Public API =====
-FollowCommanderAPI = {\\ +''​FollowCommanderAPI = {}''​ 
- ​hasTarget = [true\false] True if currently following, false otherwise.\\ + 
- ​targetID = [nil\number] Character id of the player you are following.\\ +''​FollowCommanderAPI.hasTarget = [boolean]''​ \\ 
- ​settings = {} Current FollowCommander settings\\ +True if currently following, false otherwise.\\ 
 +''​FollowCommanderAPI.targetID = [nil\number]''​ \\ 
 +Character id of the player you are following.\\ 
 +''​FollowCommanderAPI.settings = [table]''​ \\ 
 +Current FollowCommander settings\\ 
 +''​FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings = [table]''​ \\ 
 +Values from the drop down list in the gui.\\ 
 +Reload all settings, set new random seed values and restart the botmode.\\ 
 +''​FollowCommanderAPI:​ChangeSetting(key,​ value)''​\\ 
 +Change a FollowCommander setting. Valid keys are in FollowCommanderAPI.settings. Value has to be the same type as the old value.\\ 
 +**Settings that have their own function can not be changed with this one.**\\ 
 +Should be self explainatory.\\ 
 +Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.FollowType.\\ 
 +Valid modes are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.FollowMode.\\ 
 +Follow a new person when the FollowType is set to "​PartyMember"​. Can be id or name. \\ 
 +Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.CombatAggressiveness.\\ 
 +Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.WayPointUsage.\\ 
 +Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.NoCommanderMode.\\ 
 +**All functions that affect settings will call FollowCommanderAPI:​Reload() automatically.** 
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