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The Leveler uses absolutely NO TELEPORTS
So if you see something that looks like it. IT IS NOT THE LEVELER THAT CAUSES IT.

As a safety feature, if you die a few times when trying to reach a waypoint, vista, hero point, sector or point of interest, the task will be canceled and the marker will be blacklisted.
The blacklist duration is minimum 20 minutes. After that it will try again if it can see the marker.

If you use custom meshes, they are your own responsibility. I can not guarantee that things will work if your mesh is broken!


Useful utilities

  • Blacklist white mobs
  • Randomly blacklist yellow mobs
  • Never stay in the same area too long
  • Stay away from group events
  • Buy/Equip kits based on zone level
  • Always buy a basic salvage kit

Settings for all bot modes (except assist/pvp):

Blacklist white mobs

Blacklist all white mobs (rabbit, sparkflies, mosquito etc)

Randomly blacklist yellow mobs

Hitting the same group of moas 100 times because they respawn fast is not good while leveling!
Randomly blacklist those pesky yellows so the bot can go and do more useful stuff.

Move to a different area after some time

Stuck in the same area for ages because of respawning mobs or other issues? Not anymore!
With this the bot will move on to a new far away area (in your level range) based on the time you specify.

Disable at level
Automatically disable this when the specified level is reached.
Set it to 0 to never disable regardless of level.

Avoid group events when dead and alone

With this enabled the bot will stay away from group events you can't finish, either because you keep dying or because no one else is nearby.
No more running back to the same event over and over and over again.

Buy and use

Start at level
Do not start buying kits or tools before this level is reached.

The following settings are only enabled if this module is enabled

Buy tools
Went to a new area and have lower level kits equipped?
With this enabled the bot will move to a vendor and buy a logging axe, harvesting sickle and a mining pick based on the zone level, so you never end up with useless junk instead of precious ores, wood or plants.

Buy a basic salvage kit
Leveling your second/third/fourth/… character and have salvage kit buying disabled?
Enable this setting to buy a single basic salvage kit, so your inventory slots are free for more of that sweet sweet loot.

Disable default Buy Manager
Disable the default minion buy manager.
Enable this to prevent buying duplicate tools and buying too high level tools. (Orichalcum tools on lvl 2? Bad idea.)

Additional utilities

The module also contains several sub modules improving the quality of the bot.

Extended map data

Contains a lot more map data then the bot does. Even for new maps!

Vendor blacklist

Vendors that the bot can get stuck at gets automatically blacklisted by this module.

  • Dead vendors
  • Black Lion vendors that are not active
  • Vendors that have either gone missing or are not selectable

Vendor filter

Permanently blacklist vendors that are known to not have tools after the first visit.

Sets up navigation rules for navigating to different maps.

Avoid racial cities and lions arch until the bot is at the proper level for free to play users.
Avoid higher level maps for all users.

Task manager

Queue and start tasks based on the distance to the task position.
Avoids tasks being overwritten by other bot tasks.


All settings are per character.

Support: Forum thread
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