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This addon will likely not work on computers not running Windows 7/8/or 10. Powershell must be working properly and at least updated to version 5.1.


Profiler allows you to create multiple addon profiles for ease of use botting.

Ever noticed that with certain botting addons like the ones used for dungeons or gathering, you lose a ton of FPS? This could easily become an issue if you just want to do something like raids but you're sitting at twenty frames per second… With Profiler, you can easily create a new profile that only contains your raiding addons and swap to it whenever you please. Instead of having to install and uninstall addons whenever you want to stop using them, simply swap to another profile that you've setup to exclude that addon. It's easy to use, and extremely fast.


Q: Do I have to do anything special when an addon gets updated?

Within normal circumstances, as long as the addon is on your current profile, you should be able to update normally. The updated files should properly sync with your base profile.

Although, if you've recently installed that addon from the store page and have not yet reloaded your profile, then the update will not be properly synced with the base profile. Simply reload the profile from inside Profiler and then update your addons.

Q: I can't remove a certain addon from the list?

Some addons are required for FFXIVMinion to work properly, as such they have purposefully been made impossible to disable from Profiler to avoid people running into issues where they do not have a dependency, which could break other addons or even the bot entirely.

Q: After using Profiler, it didn't work/something broke?

Please join my personal discord where I can assist you.

Feel free to ask any other questions in my personal discord too.


In order to avoid permission issues, when swapping profiles, the addon will force restart explorer.exe. This will close any open folders you have, so just be aware of that. It won't cause any issues beyond that.
Profiler uses Powershell to perform it's functions so if you've disabled Powershell for whatever reason, Profiler will not work.


For any support, I'm available in the FFXIVMinion discord:
Alternatively you could join my personal discord server for more direct support:
Message Anyone#9549 on Discord for direct questions.

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