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Zalek World Completion (development)

This wiki page will be updated during the development process.

Product Overview

Dynamically complete all World Completion to obtain Gift of Exploration with the click of a button. No setup required! Press Play and go AFK.

Completion Overview

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this get me Gift of Exploration?
A: Yes.
Q: Does it matter if my character is not new?
A: No. The addon will be able to detect your current progression and just continue where it left off.
Q: Will this complete starter zones?
A: Yes. (F2P Only currently)
Q: Does it matter if my character is not max level?
A: No. The addon will be able to detect your current progression and will grind if needed before continuing to new zones. 
Note: Advanced users may want to disable "Manage Inventory and Equipment" when using this feature.
Q: How are tasks chosen?
A: The bot will intelligently decide what to do. It also uses many different humanization techniques to ensure tasks are tackled in a way a normal player would do them.
Q: Is it safe?
A: As safe as you can get while using a botting tool. This add-on may reduce ban rates over the community map completion tool as it should not get stuck and has extra security features.
Q: Does this include crafting?
A: No, Crafting is not needed for World Completion and is sold separately.
Q: Does this include story quests?
A: No, Story quests are not needed for World Completion. and are sold separately.
Q: Does this include expansion zones?
A: No, This is for World Completion. to obtain Gift of Exploration.
Q: Is it hard to use?
A: The product works out of the box without any configurations. Press play and go afk. I do not suggest any configuration changes but advanced users may find them under Advanced Settings.
Q: Can you lower the price?
A: No, 9.99 Euro is a fair price for this product.
Q: Can you add in feature x, y and z?
A: I am always open to suggestions to improve my products. Submit a feature request that is relevant to the add-on and I will review it. If approved it will be added in free of charge.
Q: I can't get the add-on to work.
A: Use the support thread. Please remember to provide a zip of your log folder located at GW2Minion64\LuaMods\ZalekGW2-WCT\Logs
Q: I use a third party add-on to handle combat. How do I disable combat from ZalekGW2-WCT?
A: Advanced Settings -> Disable Assist Combat

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