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This addon requires TensorCore! Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.


Argus is an advanced mechanic detection library that can be incorporated into other addons. Offers useful API that can detect various mechanics across fights.

Please join my discord if you require support, you can also view other addons created that use Argus here

If you are a new user, please watch this video first:

Because the API Argus offers is so powerful, for safety reasons, Argus will not be updated immediately for new raid tiers. Here is how long each type of content will take to update:

  • New dungeons and primals: Instant
  • New Normal Raids: 2-3 days
  • New Savage Raids: 1 week
  • New Ultimate Raids: 2 weeks minimum, and after world 1st

Coming Soon

Persistent ground effect detection (like toxic vomit from brayflox dungeon)

What It Does Not Detect

Cones - cone arc angle outside of telegraphed ones. The hit detection for untelegraphed cones is done server side and thus the angle of the cones is never sent to client nor is it stored in the client.

Torus/Donuts - inner circle radius outside of telegraphed aoes (but also some telegraphed aoes). The hit detection for untelegraphed tori/donuts is done server side and thus the radius of the safe inner circle is never sent to client nor is it stored in the client.


API Reference: argusdocs

Known Overhead Marker Types

Marker Type Name Sample Locations
1, 2, 3, 4 Prey Circle (orange) o6s, The Burn boss 2
7 Green Meteor t9n, t9s
8 Ghost Meteor t9n, t9s
9 Red Meteor t9n, t9s
10 Yellow Meteor t9n, t9s
13 Devour Flower t6n, t6s, Sohm Al boss 1
14 Prey Circle (blue) t6n, t6s, o7s
16 Teal Crystal Ultima Weapon Ultimate
17 Heavenly Laser (red) t8n, t8s, e1n
23 Red Pinwheel Sohm Al boss 2, Susano N/EX, e3n/s
28 Gravity Puddle e1n
30 Prey Sphere (orange) Dun Scaith boss 3, o7n/s
31 Prey Sphere (blue) t10
40 Earth Shaker Sephiron N/EX, o4s
50, 51, 52, 53 Sword Markers 1-4 Ravana N/EX, Twinning boss 1
55 Red Dorito Weeping City boss 2, Ridorana boss 1
57 Purple Spread Circle (large) Ravana N/EX, Shinryu EX
62 Stack Marker (bordered) o8n/s, Dun Scaith
70 Green Pinwheel Dun Scaith boss 1, o5n/s
75 Acceleration Bomb Weeping City boss 3, Susano N/EX, o4s
76 Purple Fire Circle (large) e2n/s
84 Thunder Tether (orange) Titania EX
87 Flare o4n/s, e2n/s
92 Prey (dark) Dun Scaith boss 3/4, Holminster Switch boss 3
93 Stack Marker (tank–no border) Dun Scaith boss 4, e4s
96 Orange Spread Circle (small) Hades N
97 Chain Tether (orange) The Vault boss 3, Shinryu N/EX
100 Stack Marker (bordered) o3s, Ridorana boss 3
101 Spread Bubble o3s, Byakko EX
110 Levinbolt Susano EX
118 Prey (dark) Bahamut Ultimate
120 Orange Spread Circle (large) Akadaemia Anyder
123 Scatter (animated Play symbol) Rabanastre boss 4
124 Turn Away (animated eye symbol) Rabanastre boss 4
126 Green Crystal Shinryu N/EX
131 Sword Meteor (Tsukuyomi) Tsukuyomi EX
135 Prey Sphere (blue) Akadaemia Anyder
138 Orange Spread Circle (large) Innocence N/EX, Orbonne boss 3
139 Purple Spread Circle (small) Ridorana boss 1, Hades N
142 Death From Above o10s
143 Death From Below o10s
145-152 Fundamental Synergy Square/Circle o12s
161 Stack Marker (bordered) Titania N/EX
169 Orange Spread Circle (small) o11n/s, e3n/s
171 Green Poison Circle Qitana Ravel
172 Reprobation Tether Innocence EX
174 Blue Pinwheel Sohm Al boss 2
185 Yellow Triangle (spread) e4s
186 Orange Square (stack) e4s
187 Blue Square (big spread) e4s
189 Purple Spread Circle (giant) TItania N/EX
191 Granite Gaol e4s
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