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-Bleh+===== Assist Mode =====  
 +To enable Assist mode, select "​Assist"​ from the "Bot Mode" dropdown. If you would like Assist mode to also perform combat actions, you must ensure an appropriate Skill Profile is chosen, or no combat actions will be performed.  
 +Assist mode allows you to move the character while still performing bot functions, such as a combat skill profile. 
 +==== Assist Mode - Settings Tab ====  
 +  ***Follow Target:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will follow the targeted character.  
 +  ***Face Target:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will face the current target as you move. 
 +  ***Assist:​** If desired, FFXIVMinion will target hostile mobs based on any of the criteria provided. 
 +  ***Priority:​** Select if FFXIVMinion should focus on DPS or Healing. 
 +  ***Use Autoface:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will automatically face enemies when it uses an ability. ((NOTE: This can result in FFXIVMinion "​doubling-back"​ as you run away from an enemy if the combat profile attempts to cast.)) 
 +  ***Start Combat:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will attack un-pulled enemies selected within range. 
 +  ***Auto-Confirm Duty:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will automatically confirm your participation in a Duty when the dialog appears. 
 +  ***Quest Helpers:** When enabled, FFXIVMinion will automatically hand in quest items if the Quest NPC is selected. ​
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