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 ==== Grind Mode - Hunting Tab==== ==== Grind Mode - Hunting Tab====
 {{:​coal:​ffxivtutorial:​coal_grind_huntingtab.png?​nolink&​400|}} {{:​coal:​ffxivtutorial:​coal_grind_huntingtab.png?​nolink&​400|}}
-  ***Prioritize Claims:** When enabled, ​NO_IDEA+  ***Prioritize Claims:** When enabled, ​FFXIVMinion will attempt to claim several enemies at once that meet the whitelist requirements
-  ***Claim Range:** Adjust the range at which the bot will detect claims. +  ***Claim Range:** Adjust the range at which FFXIVMinion ​will detect claims ​beyond the original kill
-  ***Attack Claimed:** When enabled, ​bot will attack claimed ​mobs.+  ***Attack Claimed:** When enabled, ​FFXIVMinion ​will attack ​enemies that have been claimed ​by other people.
 ==== Grind Mode - Tweaks Tab==== ==== Grind Mode - Tweaks Tab====
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