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Complete your Sightseeing Log with Scenery! Fully automated!

Scenery uses Bottox Manager. It is a free addon available on Minionapp store.

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Real-time ARR Sightseeing Log calendar

Sightseeing Log, introduced in patch 2.28, allows the player to solve various riddles in turn to experience the spectacular sceneries in Eorzea. Players can unlock these Vistas at specific locations, at certain times, in certain weathers and by performing specific emotes. Sightseeing Log can be quite time consuming. The player has not only find and reach the specific location but also the time of the day and weather effects must match the description of the riddle.

Where to find the addon?

 Click on the ingame Mmominion button, select FFXIV tab then click on the Bottox button.

 Select Scenery addon from Bottox Manager main window.

How to use?

 Auto mode: the bot will automatically go for your missing Vistas.

 Manual mode: Select by yourself the vistas you want to discover.

Can i setup a favorite mount and idle location?

Yes, every Bottox addons settings are located in the Bottox Manager settings window.

What is included with purchase?

  1. A Realm Reborn (Part 1 : 01-20)
  2. A Realm Reborn (Part 2 : 21-80)
  3. Heavensward (01-62)
  4. Stormblood (01-62)
  5. All future vistas
  6. All Bonus puzzle/jump games.

What is included in the demo?

  1. A Realm Reborn (Part 1 : 01-20)
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