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-===== General Installation Information ===== +====== Requirements - READ THIS FIRST ======
-Please read and understand the installation instructions carefully. 98% of all Support Tickets, Crashes and Problems are coming from not proper reading or following the installation steps.+
-===== Requirements READ CLOSELY AND DO EXACTLY THIS! ===== +  * Minion is confirmed OK up to Windows 11 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2215) Minion DOES NOT work with Windows Insider builds. This includes Windows 10 and Windows 11. 
-  - Have the latest updates for Windows installed.\+  * DO NOT install the [[minionapp|Minionapp]] on your Windows Desktop or any other Windows related Folder (C:\Windows, etc.) 
-  - Uninstall any kind of graphic enhancing or overlay softwareExamples are MSI Afterburner, AI suite 3, ROG Game first 3, AMD gaming evolvedSweetFXEVGA Precision, Mumble overlay, Raptr Software, Razor Software, Bandicam, Guildworks , Fraps, Nahimic for MSI or similar.\\ +  * DO NOT set MinionApp.exe or the games exe to run in any kind of Compatibilty Mode. 
-  - Windows 7 usersInstall [[|Microsoft Security Essentials - Antivirus & Firewall]]\\ +  * The game has to be fully downloaded and updated.  
-  Windows 8 and Windows 10 users: Only have the default Microsoft Defender Antivirus & Firewall installed.\\ +  * Turn off Win10 GameBar and Game DVR: Win 10 Setings > Gaming > GameBar / DVR. Disable “Record in the background while I’m playing a game” and “Record game clipsscreenshotsand broadcast using Game bar”
-  - You don't have to disable your Defender Antivirus on Windows 8 and Windows 10 or Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7+{{::gamebar.png?400|}} 
-  - Restart your computer once after MinionApp was installed.+  * For Windows 11 you must uninstall the Xbox overlay by running ''Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage'' in an admin terminal (Win+X > Windows Terminal (Admin)) 
 +  * Your Windows Account needs to be an Administrator.  
 +  * **Comcast ISP / xFi: you need get on the Xfinity xFi app, select More > My Services > xFi Advanced Security > Disable** 
 +  * **Cox ISP also has some advanced security you may need to disable. wifi app > More Options > My services > Advanced Security > Disable** 
 +  * Very very few people have connection problems because of a windows setting, google "Turn off FIPS Cryptography" and make sure it is OFF. 
 +  * FFXIV must be set to use Directx 11. 
 +  * If you are missing plugins or ACRs, start the game launcher as admin
 +  * Any sort of overlay COULD cause Minion to not properly attach to the game, see below for programs that may cause potential issues.
-==== Important Information==== +\\ 
-    * Your Windows Account needs to be an Administrator account +====== Incompatible Programs ====== 
-    Windows 7 has the Defender Antivirus by default installed, this does not work with Minion. Install Microsoft Security Essentials from lines above! +Uninstall any kind of graphic enhancing or overlay software, like but not limited to: 
-    If you have any other Antivirus/Firewall installed, UNINSTALL IT and install the correct one mentioned just 3 lines above. Restart your computer once afterwards. +  AI suite \\ 
-    "But I disabled my 3rd party Antivirus" - Disabled is not disabled. They have several background services still running which can cause problems running our minion products. +  AMD gaming evolved \\ 
-    If you still insist on using your 3rd Party Antivirus, you may try to white-list your Minion Product or something similar, maybe it works for a while, but it can stop working at any future point due to updates. +  Bandicam \\ 
-    Always run the Game in windowed mode and not in full-screen. +  EVGA Precision \\ 
-    DO __NOT__ install the Minionapp or a minion product on your desktop or any other windows related folder. +  * Fraps \\ 
-    DO __NOT__ set MinionApp.exe or the Game-exe to run in any kind of "Compatibilty Mode" +  * Guildworks \\ 
 +  * Mumble overlay \\ 
 +  * Nahimic for MSI \\ 
 +  Raptr Software \\ 
 +  Razor Software \\ 
 +  Reshade \\ 
 +  * ROG Game first 3 \\ 
 +  SweetFX \\ 
 +  * Valorant \\ 
 +  * Mudfish \\ 
 +  * Wtfast \\ 
 +  * Exitlag \\ 
 +  * OBS Studio (fine after attaching) \\ 
 +  * XIVAlexander (see below, Unknown Error (Query/Fail) 
 +  * XIVLauncher with Dalamud enabled (see below, XIVLauncher Details) \\ 
 +  * Any 3rd party d3ddll\\
 +===== Unknown Error (Query/Fail) =====
 +Most notably, this error is caused by XIVAlexander, but can also happen with any other programs that auto-inject into FFXIV. It's basically clogging up the games executable and making it so Minion can't inject. Follow these steps if you want to continue to use XIVAlexander:
 +  * Open XIVAlexander's installer and make sure the program is uninstalled from your game directory.
 +  * Install XIVAlexander as "dinput8.dll for directx11" or use the manual injection.
-===== Download & Installation =====+Unknown Error (Query/Fail) can also happen from a failure to connect to MMOMinion's servers, but that's a bit more rare. 
 +===== Stuck for a long time in 'Waiting for bot to attach' ===== 
 +If the launcher takes more than a minute to get past "Game started, waiting for bot to attach", reinstall your NVIDIA drivers and select "clean install" 
 +Try if clean install does not help 
 +===== XIVLauncher Details ===== 
 +Running XIVLauncher with Dalamud injection enabled and Minion together is not supported, and is likely to cause crashes and other mysterious issues. 
 +If you use XIVLauncher, launch the game with Dalamud disabled like this before reporting any issues with Minion: 
 +===== Advanced Combat Tracker ===== 
 +Minion works fine with ACT but the new injection method built into ACT called "Deucalion Injection Library" can potentially cause issues. If you're using this optional setting, then make sure Minion is properly attached to the game before opening ACT. You can turn off this setting in Plugins > FFXIV ACT Plugin > Inject and use Deucalion for network data. 
 +===== Antivirus & Firewall Problems ===== 
 +  * In 99% of the cases, the Game & Cot crashes / Does not Show / Does not Attach / Closes instantly because of an Antivirus software blocking it. 
 +  * Often Antivirus Software picks up the bot as false positive, therefore:  
 +  * <color #ed1c24>**Whitelist the whole C:\MinionApp\ Folder in your Antivirus. Disabling the Antivirus IS NOT A WORKING OPTION!**</color> 
 +  * Windows 7 users: Install [[|Microsoft Security Essentials - Antivirus & Firewall]] 
 +  * Windows 8 and Windows 10 users: The default Microsoft Defender - Antivirus & Firewall and whitelist the MinionApp Folder -> works with our Products. 
 +  * You don't need to Disable your Defender Antivirus on Windows 8 and Windows 10 or Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7. 
 +  * 3rd Party Antivirus Software: Tencent PC Manager, Avira, Norton, Webroot, Avast, Comodo, AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Sophos..and others -> WHITELIST MINIONAPP FOLDER! 
 +===== Disabled is not Uninstalled! ===== 
 +  * 3rd Party Antivirus Software have several background services still running which can cause a lot of problems. 
 +  * If you insist on using your 3rd Party Antivirus, you can try Whitelist the whole C:\MinionApp\ Folder. But after any future Minion Update, it can stop working again.\\ {{|}}{{|}} 
 +====== Download MinionApp & Installation ======
 All our Products / Bots are started through a central Software, the [[MinionApp]]. All our Products / Bots are started through a central Software, the [[MinionApp]].
-  - [[|Download MinionApp_Installer]]+  - [[|Download MinionApp_Installer]]
   - Run the MinionApp_Installer.exe.   - Run the MinionApp_Installer.exe.
   - Make sure to allow the installation of everything the MinionApp installer wants to install. (.NET, DXRuntime, C++ redist 2010 & 2013 & 2015).   - Make sure to allow the installation of everything the MinionApp installer wants to install. (.NET, DXRuntime, C++ redist 2010 & 2013 & 2015).
   - Start the MinionApp.exe from c:\minionapp\ or through the MinionApp Icon on your Desktop.   - Start the MinionApp.exe from c:\minionapp\ or through the MinionApp Icon on your Desktop.
-  - Read [[MinionApp]] Instructions.+  - **Read the [[MinionApp]] Instructions**.
-<WRAP center round tip 60%> 
-If your download speed is slow (happens sometimes due to bad internet routing), you can alternatively download the MINIONAPP and Bots from here: [[|Alternative Download]] {{::appdownload.png?direct&200|}} 
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