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70-80 All Classes Pack.

This is not a main story quest pack

This Pack does not contain Heavensward or Realm Reborn Nodes

This Pack includes
Options for Botany and Miner 70-80 leveling and end game gathering.
Regular nodes and Shadowbringers Timed nodes. ( Including Folklore )

Quests for levels 60 - 80 for Dancer and Gunbreaker
Quests for levels 70 - 80 for Bard, Blackmage, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Paladin, Scholar, Summoner, Warrior,Whitemage, Machinist, DarkKnight, Astrologian, Samurai and Redmage.
Quests for levels 70 - 80 for Botanist, Miner and Fisher.
Requires sebbslib


The Endwalker expansion removed some of the HQ item turn-ins.
CN and KR still need them.
Therefore until CN and KR reach Endwalker, these packs wont be updated for that portion of the questing.

Endwalker class pack owners will have access to the updated Endwalker 1-90 profiles
Read the Wiki for more info on how

Unlock packs

To unlock the 1-80 pack selection you must have

1-60 and the 60-70 and 70-80 Packs INSTALLED.


1-70 and 70-80 Packs INSTALLED.

This will allow 1-80 Unlocked packs to be Used.

Please note
Some story Quests are required to unlock Jobs and Quests.
Please report and errors here

For a Look at how it works, Check the link below

How to set it up

Once you have MinionApp and Final Fantasy XIV set up.

Log into the game with Minion attached.

In the User Interface, Change “Bot Mode” to Quest.

Select a Skill profile if you choose. Default profile will be used if not changed.

Enable Bot.


 Ensure you have setup your Gearsets in the advanced settings.

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