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Bot Keycode Information

  • All Bots require a Keycode, which allows you to use the Bot for a specific amount of time.
  • After a completed purchase, you can find all your Keycodes inside MinionApp→ Keycodes tab.
  • The Keycode time starts counting down only after you manually activated it.
  • Keycodes are not automatically renewed, if your Keycode runs out of time, you need to purchase a new Keycode.
  • Activating two Keycodes will not add up their time, you will have two active running Keycodes for 2 bots then.

Purchase Bot Keycodes

Store and Addons

  • All Store-Addons do not require a Keycode, you have to install the Addons from within the MinionApp Store Page after the purchase.
  • Addons you bought are owned by you forever, meaning they are not subscription based or time limited.
  • Once you bought an Addon, it is bound to your MMOMinion Account and you can use the Addon for all game accounts you have without any limitation.
  • There are no restrictions on how many PCs you can use your Minion account on.
  • All Addons are supported and updated by the developer who created/sells it. You can find the contact information for support in each Addon's Wiki Page.
  • Please be aware that free addons from the Forum can break at any time. If your bot behaves strangely, it may be due to an outdated free addon.

Purchase of Store Addons

Purchase Declined / Failed

  • Important: For PayPal you need a verified account. A connected & verified Bank account or CreditCard is required for that.
  • Purchase Declined: This comes from your Bank or Paypal. The only way to solve this is by contacting your Bank or Paypal.
  • Fraud Screen Filter: You are blocked from buying at the payment gateway provider. You need to open a Helpticket and ask us to get you unblocked.
  • Purchase Limit: You can only purchase 5 times in 24h. This includes failed purchase attempts. DO NOT Hammer the system, else you will get automatically blocked!
  • Do not attempt to purchase again if declined! These will always also be declined, until the problem is fixed.

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