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All Addons are written, maintained and updated by 3rd Party developers and are distributed through the MinionApp we provide. For each Addon, you can find information on the corresponding Wiki Page. If you need Support, you can find contact information for support in each Addon's Wiki Page.

Store Page

Buttons :

  1. Depending on the current state of the Addon, different options are available for you:
  2. Opens the WIKI Page with detailed information on the Addon.
  3. Buy the Addon.
  4. Installs the Addon.
  5. Removes the Addon.

Purchase Addons

  1. Click the Buy button on the Addon you want to purchase.
  2. You will be redirected to the Gate2Shop payment page, fill everything out correctly and complete the purchase.
  4. After you completed the purchase process, the Addon will be available for installation in the MinionApp-Store.
  5. It may take 5-15 Minutes until the purchase process is completed.
  6. Press the Refresh Button in the top right side of the Store or restart minionapp, then the Button is shown below the Addon you purchased.
  7. If the install Button does not appear, restart Minionapp once.

Addon Information

There are 3 kinds of Addons:

  • Mandatory Addons: These are free Addons which are automatically installed and update. These provide basic functionality to the Minion Bot.
  • Free Addons: Created by a 3rd party Developer who decided to share this Addon for free.
  • Payed Addons: Created by a 3rd party Developer who decided to sell this Addon.

Addon States: An Addon shows you its current state:

  1. The Game/Bot is not installed, the Addon cannot be installed either.
  2. The Addon is installed and working.
  3. The Addon was purchased but is currently not installed.
  4. No Icon - The Addon is currently not available or was disabled on our side.

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