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Dont Buy for 6.0 Client

Advanced Craft Skill for Expert Recipes and more


  • With the right stats, all items can be crafted in a nearly(optimizing) best way, so you dont need set craftskills anymore.
  • Support Expert Crafting for 5.31 and 5.41 and insane Replendent Tool Craft
  • Advanced Craft Skill Profiles for Madao's Addon
  • Supporting Expert Recipes for Ishgard Restoration
  • price : 9.99euro


  • Need Madao's Addon below installed
  • 'MadaoCore'(free)
  • 'MadaoCombat'(free)
  • 'MadaoCraft'(paid) installed
  • Only Works When You Have the Right Stats For Now.Please Follow the Melding.I'll make something to fit different types melding in the future.
  • For this Melding list,the key point is the craftsmanship stat and CP stat, this is a must for 5.41 Players.
  • For < 5.41 Players you can change two craftsmanship meldings into control on weapons, then 2745(not specialist) craftsmanship can work all stuffs except 5.41 expert. * And you can make your control lower, if you dont want best meld.

Quick Guide

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