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AetheryteHelper - AH(mushroom tools)

PowerShell is used for some functions
Win11 users should configure PowerShell to start with admin privileges

what is AH
this was originally an open source project
it's what i myself used to make and share what i wanted
this is not a bot, but multiple utility tools
at first, im created it just to facilitate “world visit”, but as we responded to requests, i were able to do many different things
due to circumstances, it has become a store addon, but the concept remains unchanged
in other words, i will continue to make what i want
Requests are accepted and added if i want them
and since it is a very selfish tool i am making for myself, i am offering it for free
some features are alternatives to paid addons, but they are only simplified
in other words, it is like a toy box
there are tooltips in almost every area, and you will not be confused about how to use them
some of the languages are machine-translated, but i would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped with the translation

What can do with AH

  • Quickly World Visit
  • Quickly instance select
  • flag record
  • target me record
  • Materia Extract
  • use Spiritbond Potion(Materia Extract option)
  • use Spiritbond Manual(Materia Extract option)
  • Desynthesis(with filter)
  • Aetherial Reduction
  • Deliver(GC)
  • move to GC & Deliver
  • move to MarketBoard(limsa/gridania/uldah)
  • Remove materia from equipment in inventory
  • Exchange seals for items(trun in)
  • Jumbo cactpot assist
  • switching undersize for dungeon
  • switching Explorer for dungeon
  • Auto Start and End Call in Duty
  • Auto Commendation
  • Create User Buttons(Text Command/Click to Custom Function/onoff of Custom Function)
  • organize inventory, put together stackable items
  • HQ to NQ (only inventory) It will be executed as soon as you organize inventory
  • Assist to Decipher(G14)
  • AH Radar(drow line & dot)
  • PvPassist in Radar(show opponent's GUARD recast time & MP bars\Auto sprint\Auto Guard)
  • Sound notification feature in Radar(.wav files are not included, please download them from my Discord)
  • drow job icon
  • search for items(Retainer/Saddlebag/FCchest)
  • Mouse Over Ability (Lite)
  • and more…

some functions can also be operated by text command


AH image

Support Discord
mushroom's Room

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