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AFK Chat

"I sincerely hope you weren't expecting a response. Because I'm not talking to you." - GLaDOS

This addon will randomly say things from a list of phrases you choose.

It is intended to reduce your chances of getting reported/suspended for botting in PvP or other game modes.

FREE 72-hour trial!

Support thread

Key Features

Configurable Randomness

  • Choose the Minimum and Maximum number of minutes to randomly say things.

Phrases You Choose

  • Edit the Random.txt file to include as many random phrases as you like!

Main Menu

Menu Options Explained

General Toggles and Options

  • Enabled - Whether or not the entire addon is enabled.

Random Chat

  • Random Chat Enabled - Whether or not to say phrases from Random.txt.
  • Min Delay - The minimum about of time, in minutes, to say things.
  • Max Delay - The maximum about of time, in minutes, to say things.
  • Seconds Until Next Message - The amount of time, in seconds, before the next random phrase will be said.
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