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BetterShortcuts takes your minion shortcuts and places them onto a customizable hotbar. Included are both a gear set selection menu, and game volume menu.

• You will see this window only once per character.
• The addon will position the MMOMinion button automatically by default.
• Holding down shift while dragging the hotbar will let you change it's Y axis position.

BetterShortcuts includes a built in tutorial, which you can read below.

• Hide Hotbar:  The hotbar will be hidden.
• Lock Movement:  The hotbar position will be locked.
• Stop Minion Button Placement: Addon control of the MMOMinion menu button window will be disabled.
• Sound Hotbar Button:  Enables the sound menu button.
• Gearset Hotbar Button:  Enables the gear set hotbar button.
• Use Custom GS BG Color:  Changes the gear set background to use a custom color.

• Size: Hotbar size scaling.
• Spacing: Hotbar item spacing, one for horizontal layout, one for vertical.
• Transparency:  Hotbar transparency, and hotbar background transparency.
• Icons Per Row:  Changes the number of icons on each row.
• GS BG Color:  Sets the custom color of the gear set background.
• Old Icons X Y:  Screen position to place the old shortcut icons.
• Minion Button X Y: Screen position to place the MMOMinion menu button.

Image Buttons
• Shortcut Manager: Shortcut to, you guessed it, the shortcut manager.
• Shortcuts Image Folder:  Left click will open the folder used by the shortcut manager for images, right click to copy the folder path to clipboard.
• Button Examples:  Opens the Button Examples window, here you can test the examples, and right click to copy the function to your clipboard.
• Tips:  Opens the tips window with some information on the addon, as well as general ImGui usage.

• This window shows off a few examples of what you can do with the shortcuts.
    If you don't have the addons installed, the function obviously won't work (buy them if you haven't already)
• Left click will test the function, if you don't have the addon listed installed you may receive an error.
• Right click will copy the function to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it as a new User Function in the Shortcut Manager window.

• The question mark button on the main window will open this Tips window.
• The General UI Tips are relating to the UI that minion uses, ImGUI.
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