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This add-on requires AceLib

only do Skirmishes and farming

Critical Engagements not support

Bozjan resistance

Support Area

  • The Bozjan Southern Front
  • The Zadnor


  • Auto(full auto)
  • manual(move only)
  • Party(follow & assist to Leader)
  • Leveling(Skirmishes only and restrictions on movement of areas according to rank)


it can be used solo, but it is recommended to use multiple accounts as it is hard
for solo use, please prepare recovery actions and items
please make use of the blacklist to avoid dangerous mobs and try to avoid participating in Skirmishes, which can do a lot of damage

those that require a conversation with an NPC to start or items to be delivered are currently not supported
(these will be addressed in the future)

How to Use

it will not automatically be in the content
you must manually enter the content, set the action, and turn it on by choose mode “Auto” or “Manual”


Support Discord
mushroom's Room

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