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CC Analyzer

XIVLauncher(Dalamud) users are not supported

Please Install Dalamuding(free) from minion store

Only Support Crystalline Conflict(PvP)
not full auto addon
Assist mode (Skill Profile or ACR) is assumed to be used
ACR(MCR) for PvP is required

What is CC Analyzer?

Remake of PvP assist that comes with the AH(Aetheryte Helper)
it has been completely rebuilt from scratch and new features have been added
You are the commander and lead your team to victory by keeping track of the war situation!
Support for all languages


  • MP for your team and the opposing team
  • Guard recast
  • Purify recast
  • Casting Standard-issue Elixir
  • Members of the opposing team targeted by members of your team(line & dot)
  • Members of your team targeted by members of the opposing team(line & dot)


  • Auto Join
  • Auto QC(start & end)
  • Auto use GUARD
  • Auto use Sprint
  • Saving Results
  • Job support (upon request)


Support Discord
mushroom's Room

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