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This is a PvP only ACR! It does not work in PvE at all. This addon requires AnyoneCore and TensorCore to be installed.

ChampionSage is a fully automated PvP combat routine. An ACR that finally focuses on the truly important parts of FFXIV, the PvP. The real content. 8-)

An ACR that aims to improve on the basic format of 'use skills on the target'. Automatically taking into account important details like target HP, their buffs, surrounding targets, how many of your allies are targeting a person, and whether or not they're in execute range.

Also featuring many quality of life features like smart targeting, a hotbar that makes it so you no longer need to fight the ACR to get skills in, and making usage of addons like Argus to draw lines to your healers that turns red if they're out of line of sight.

These addons have a tight focus on Crystalline Conflict and can carry you to Crystal, but you'll still need to apply yourself to learn the rules of engagement when it comes to PvP. These ACRs also work in frontlines.


Hover your mouse over each quick toggle to get a tool tip explaining what it does.

Press any of the hotbar items to make the ACR weave that skill into the combo next.

Alternatively you can set keybinds for any quick toggle and any hotbar item you want, so you can quickly enable and disable those options.


Join my discord for direct feedback, and any questions:
Message Anyone#4760 on Discord for direct questions.

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