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Chatter is a easy to use integration tool for Discord.
Chatter will allow you to get Game messages instantly sent to your setup discord channel.
Will also give you the ability to write messages from Discord to the Game.
This also allows you to run bot functions and make your own commands in the addon giving you endless possibilities and complete bot control!

Filtering Chat:

To filter what chat types you want send to Discord simply press the edit button next to the channel you want do modify (In Channel Assigner).
From there you will see a list of every possible chat type to only get what you wanna see sent to discord!
(Please note is some special cases like some system messages the message can be cut off. This is an issue with minion and will hopefully be fixed)

Custom Commands:

You can make custom commands by clicking the “Open Command Manager” button.
Once you've named the command open the editing tools by clicking it below.
Now go wild! There is no limit at all to what you can't do here with the bot.
If you're stuck on some of this ask in my discord and I'll be around to help about making commands.
All commands are saved into Toolbox\ChatterCommands
This allows for each use to share their commands easily (I will be making a dedicated channel to sharing these and help verify working and safe ones for you)
I'll also have a list of any internal presets I have made which for example you can try the follow commands to show just the start of what is possible.

Preset Command Examples

Function Commands:

It is also possible to directly call functions in discord for example.
When using commands like this you mist start it with the ~ symbol

Chat Commands:

Using chat is super simple just type it in discord the same way you would normally.
eg. /say Hello or /fc Hey Everyone!


There is a easy to use setup guide in the addon.
Follow it and the images carefully.

Finding The Addon:

All Addons are opened by my Toolbox menu.
If Using V1 Click the Green + select the Addon from the window.
If using V2 Click the Green + and select the Addon from one of the categories Inside.
If using no button Addon's can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → Husbando's Toolbox


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >
For quick live support join my Discord >

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