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This addon will give commendation and also allow commendations to be farmed in provided duties.

How to use:

Enter Player Names of who you'd live to give then commendation to in the list and if result is found it will be given to the player in order of the list.
If no player is found it will be given at random.
This list can be sorted but clicking and dragging the player to the selected position.

Which can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → HusbandoMax → Commendations
Or the new movable button that is placed on your screen to open the toolbox screen.


Enable: Enable commendation farming with selected duty.
Enable Commendations: Enable Commendations to be given. (Can be ran as standalone)
Duty: Select the duty to run from the list (Basic Training and Under the Armor Guildhest only currently).
Skill Profile: Select the skill profile to use for combat.


How do I move the button?
Same as the MMOMinion button, Click Right mouse and drag.



  • Initial Release


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >
For quick live support join my Discord >

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