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Condi Thief Assisted PvP

This addon is accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.



This addon is for ASSISTED PVP ONLY

Please swap to Short Bow manually.

THIS IS A SEPARATE ENTITY FROM SKILLMANAGER. You don't need assist mode to use this Module.

If you decide to use Assist Mode for auto targeting then make an EMPTY SKILLMANAGER(NOT RECOMMENDED to auto target)

– Artwork by ⭐𝓓 ΰ 𝘒 𝒆⭐#8105

Frequently Asked Questions

Q | How do I know when to attack?

A | If you haven't used the steal skill then move closer < 700 distance between you and the target.

Q | No attack what happened?

A | Get closer to target or stealth using your utilities and then move closer so it can shadow strike after using stealth attack.

Q | How do I know how far I can attack? the bot remains stationary and does not attack (when I am at distances greater than 1000)

A | Use Jorith radar or the built in minion radar to judge the distance between you and your target then move closer either in stealth or not.

Q | Do I need to have minion assist on?

A | No

Helpful Addons

- Jorith's radar or built in radar

- Advanced Evasion for Line of sight lines(when people target you it draws a line to your character. You then can see whether they are actually going to hit you or not.

Getting Started

Press on CondiThiefAssistedPvP It should bring up

Press on Play and you're ready to go assuming your ingame character is set.

Please also check your in game settings and set these Highlighted / circled settings on.

turn off auto attack for pistol ← Before

you can do this by CTRL + right clicking on the slot #1 aka Vital shot.

after →

Melee Attack Assist and Auto Skill Retargeting are huge.

Build Guide for the build setup and play usage.

“Plus” a 1vs1 that is happening on the sidenode, aka assisting your sidenoder in defeating the enemy's one. Quickly “decap” an enemy node (turn it neutral). Keep in mind that going for a full cap is usually pointless as you will struggle to defend the node vs an enemy sidenoder

I encourage everyone to use Joriths Radar or the built in radar it really helps with managing the distance between things so attacks go off properly.


- CondiThiefAssistPvP:ToggleAddon() Enables or disables the addon

- CondiThiefAssistPvP:ToggleWeaponSwap() Enables or disables the weapon swap feature.

Contact Info

You can contact me by DMing - Andrew|Drew|Andy|#8052 Feel free to join the discord.

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