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Crusader is a combat routine for Gladiators and Paladins and is written on the ACR platform.


  • Level 1 through 60 is supported.
  • Custom GUI with many different settings to fit your needs.
  • Aggro management logic.
  • Smarter defensives system that doesn't blow all your defensive cooldowns.
  • Customizable Silence and Stun list
  • Quick access toggle overlay available.
  • Hotkeys to toggle features on/off.


Below are screenshots of the settings windows


Quick Toggle Overlay

Below is an in-game screenshot of the overlay

User Guide

Upon purchase and installation, Crusader will show appear in your ACR window if your in-game job is a Gladiator or a Paladin. If you are unfamiliar with the ACR platform please follow this link. Features Below is a screenshot of the ACR window with Esper as the selected profile.

Flash Settings


  • Number of Enemies Needed to Flash
    • That number of enemies needed around you for the routine to use Flash.
  • Flashes on Group Pull
    • The number of times the routine will use Flash when starting combat against a new group of enemies.
  • Use Flash on an Interval Every (specified) seconds
    • Will start a timer and use Flash after the amount of specified seconds has elapsed.
      • Ex: In the image, it is set to 15 seconds. Therefore the routine will use Flash every 15 seconds to pad aggro on group pulls.



  • Maximum Defensives At Once
    • Ex: If set to 1, it not cast any other defensives if you already have Rampart on you.
  • Percent Health to Use More Defensives
    • The health percent where the 'Maximum Defensives At Once' rule does not apply anymore.
  • Maximum Defensives Under That Health Percent
    • The maximum amount of defenses allowable after your health percent has dropped below your setting.

Sword Oath and Shield Oath


  • Having Sword Oath disabled will automatically set the routine to use Shield Oath
  • Prioritize Royal Authority in Sword Oath
    • With this setting enabled, if you're in Sword Oath, the routine will replace every Rage of Halone for Royal Authority


If you need support or if you have a question I can be reached through e-mail or through Discord (messaging software).

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