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Deep Dungeon

This addon will run Palace of The Dead and Heaven on High (PoTD + HoH)
Currently Supports Palace of The Dead 1-50 and 51-100, Heaven on High 1-20 and 21-50.

Important Notes:

  • This Addon was not created for public use and at this stage I have no plan of doing so. If you want to run this publicly (In matched) check the “Ignore Party Count” setting and use at your own risk! DeepDungeon will not queue you via duty finder.
  • Additional floors are being worked on they just take a lot of time per set.
  • Normal restrictions still apply to this Addon as playing manually would meaning this place is HARD to solo and only possible with reasonable gear and certain classes.
  • The Addon fully supports 1-4 people in your party the more making it much faster and smoother.
  • I have made a LFG system that you can find under my toolbox settings where you can request access to a private channel in my discord for finding other botters to run with if interested.
  • Group Data MUST be set with a name and password for the Addon to function.

Setting Up The Addon:

  1. Set you wanted mode and floor ranges on your Main Party Leader.
  2. Set secondary settings including the 3 chest types on your Min Party Leader.
  3. Set Potion Options and Save Slot Per Character.
  4. Enter Group Info on the Group Data tab on each member in your party. This info MUST be the same for your whole group.
  5. Enable the addon.
  6. Once Everyone is in the group and Saves have been checked the addon will start running.



What Does The Group System Do?

The Group System is required for this Addon to run.
This allows your bots to send and receive crucial data between others in your group which includes:

  • You Addon settings. (Makes sure you are on the same mode, leave on the same floors, share the same chest settings so you don't split up)
  • Blacklisting data. (To know whats been opened or hoards found as well as those troll passages found in HoH)
  • Passage Locations. (If one player finds the passage but the others haven't it will use the found position to get everyone to the end)
  • The Action the Addon is doing. (Opening a chest, killing a mob ect)
  • If the players save is correct. (Allows the leader to queue once everyone is ready)
  • Mesh status. (Makes sure everyone waits till all party members are ready at the start of each floor before running off without someone)

Finding The Addon:

Which can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → HusbandoMax → Deep Dungeon
Or the new movable button that is placed on your screen.

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