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Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is an Addon to run Dungeon Content.
Some Dungeon Content is included FREE while other content is Paid.


The Trusts and Squadrons Addons are no longer a standalone addon and are now treated as a content unlock within Dungeon Master.
This was done in order to give you more options for using them together and more control over it.\

The Job Manager:

The Job Manager will allow you to automate leveling between mutiple classes and/or dungeons

  1. Select Job.
  2. Select the level to reach.
  3. Select the gearset you use.
  4. Press Add.

The List above would work as so:
WAR to 75 > SCH to 75 > AST to 75 > WAR to 80 > SCH to 80 > AST to 80 > MNK to 80
The list is worked down in the order you set it.

Finding The Addon:

All Addons are opened by my Toolbox menu.
If Using V1 Click the Green + select the Addon from the window.
If using V2 Click the Green + and select the Addon from one of the categories Inside.
If using no button Addon's can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → Husbando's Toolbox

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