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Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is an Addon to run Dungeon Content.
Some Dungeon Content is included FREE while other content is Paid.

Use This Addon to use the Following Packs:


The Trusts and Squadrons Addons are no longer a standalone addon and are now treated as a content unlock within Dungeon Master.
This was done in order to give you more options for using them together and more control over it.

Main Settings:

  • Duty Manager Type - Quick Start: Runs the selected dungeon at the top of the addon.
  • Duty Manager Type - Dungeon Manager: Runs the list created in the Dungeon Manager.
  • Duty Manager Type - Job Manager: Runs the Dungeon matching the job and level you set under the Job Manager Windows.
  • Job To Use - The Job to use under the Quick Start mode.
  • Disable After Dungeon List - Stops the addon once the Dungeon Manger list is finished.
  • Detection Range - Different detection ranges for the user to choose from and optimize run time or ensure max xp by pulling every trash mob.
  • Force Melee Range - Forces Ranged classes to close combat. (Helpful on some dungeons)
  • Run Exchange - Allows Exchange Addon hooking to safely manage you inventory only when the addon says its possible to do so.
  • Set Rec Gear - Uses the in game Rec gear option.
  • Eat Food - Eats food set in your minion settings.
  • Undersize - Standard Dungeons Only - Sets undersize mode in the queue settings.
  • Allow Interact - Standard Dungeons Only - Sets this character to interact will Dungeon objectives. (Must be enabled on atleast one character in your party)
  • Auto Swap Duty - Trust Dungeon Only - Auto swaps to the best dungeon for you level and NPC's levels.
  • Min Queue Delay - Min value to use when randomly waiting to queue in seconds.
  • Max Queue Delay - Max value to use when randomly waiting to queue in seconds.
  • Debug Level - The higher the value the more console feedback you will get. PLEASE USE THIS IN REPORTING!!!!


Set specific looting for all dungeon types and restrict other bots in your party. If running the Exchange Addon there's really no reason to not loot everything and is probably suggested if running squadrons.

  • Leader Loot Setting - Sets the other bots in your party roll restrictions.
  • Loot All - Loots all chests until full inv.
  • Loot Last Boss + Materia - Boss + Materia - Loots the last boss only + Materia chests on Amaurot.
  • Loot Last Boss Only - Boss Only - Loots last boss only.
  • Loot None - Loots nothing…


Resting will make your botting time safer by letting you setup pauses and stop timers.

  • Runs Before Stopping - How many dungeons to complete before stopping the addon.
  • Runs Before Rest - How many dungeons to complete before going into the resting state.
  • Rest Time - How long to rest once the above value has been reaches before resuming.
  • Time Since Last Rest - How long since you have rested.
  • Time In Resting - How long you have been resting for.
  • Total Runs - The total number of dungeons you have completed since starting.
  • Runs Since Rest - How many dungeons you have completed since you last rested.

Trust NPC's:

Set the preferred NPC's while running trust dungeons.

  • Set NPC's - Sets the NPC's to the ones listed below before entering the dungeon.
  • Roles - Uses the set NPC per role.

GC Scrips:

This feature is highly recommended if you want to farm squadrons. (REQUIRES EXCHANGE)
Using this will allow you to swap to another dungeon of choice to farm up more scrips when you run out.
Basically allowing you to fully afk squadrons endlessly. (IF USING THIS ENSURE YOU HAVE LOOTING ENABLED)

  • Farm Scrips - Allows scrip farming to happen when you run out of GC Scrips for Squadron content.
  • Farm Dungeon - The Dungeon to farm to gain scrips (Trusts suggested or Undersize Dungeons).
  • Job To Use - The job to swap to when farming the above dungeon.
  • Stop Above - Returns to normal farming once your Scrip count is above this.

Group Data:

Group Data is used only for standard Dungeons in order to communicate with the other bots in your party.
When running the standard Dungeons you will be required to use this mode so the addon can communicate your status and setting between your party. Simply Set or Generate a Channel and Password and use the same info on all of your bots in the party.

Getting Started:

Basically you have 3 options on running this addon.
Quick Start: Simply runs one Dungeon over and over.
The Dungeon Manager: The Dungeon Manager will allow you to run through a list of dungeon by Completion Counts with job swapping support.
The Job Manager: The Job Manager will allow you to automate leveling between multiple classes and/or dungeons.

Using Quick Start:

Quick Start will run the single dungeon over and over with whatever setting you have set on the addon.

  1. Select a Dungeon at the top.
  2. Select the Job you want to use below the Quick Start selection.

Using The Dungeon Manager:

The Dungeon Manager will allow you to run through a list of dungeon by Completion Counts with job swapping support.
Dungeon Manager will also stop the addon once this list is complete.

  1. Select a run count.
  2. Select the Dungeon.
  3. Select the Job.
  4. Press Add.

Using The Job Manager:

The Job Manager:

The Job Manager will allow you to automate leveling between multiple classes and/or dungeons

  1. Select Job.
  2. Select the level to reach.
  3. Select the gearset you use.
  4. Press Add.

The List would work as so:
WAR to 75 > SCH to 75 > AST to 75 > WAR to 80 > SCH to 80 > AST to 80 > MNK to 80
The list is worked down in the order you set it.

The Job Level Manager:

The Job Level Manager is used to tell the addon what Dungeon you'd like to do per level range.

  1. Select The Dungeon.
  2. Select the level to range.
  3. Press Add.

Setting Your Gearsets:

If you haven't done so already on other addons of mine,
please set your wanted gearsets per class for the addon to use.

Finding The Addon:

All Addons are opened by my Toolbox menu.
If Using V1 Click the Green + select the Addon from the window.
If using V2 Click the Green + and select the Addon from one of the categories Inside.
If using no button Addon's can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → Husbando's Toolbox


For quick live support join my Discord >

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