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Eureka Anemos

This addon should be considered as more of a assistant than a levelling bot.
It is currently possible to grind up to level 20 using the grind feature in this but solo grinding is very risky in Eureka as death results in XP/Level loss. (Also depends on your class)

How to use:

This addon has a load of assistant features. (Details can be found below on each)
Which can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → HusbandoMax → Eureka
Or the new movable button that is placed on your screen to open the toolbox screen.


Passive Settings
Do Combat: Does combat for you, same as assist but save you the trouble.
Start Combat: Only does combat if your target is in combat.
Auto Level Sync: Syncs Fate Level automatically.
Auto Clear Fates: Wipes the Fate tracker data each time you change zones. (Used for re-queue)
Potions: How many potions you currently have.
Use Potions: Allow Potions to be used automatically with the settings below.
Potion Combat Only: Only use Potions while in combat.
Potion Min HP%: Only Use Potions when below this HP %.

Trade Lockboxes: Automate Lockbox exchange. (Can be used in both Eureka and Kugane)
Trade Crystals: Automate Crystal exchange. (Can only be used in Eureka)
Stop at Protean: Stops trading Crystals once you reach set amount.
Stop at Anemos: Stops trading Crystals once you reach set amount.
Protean Crystals: How many you currently have.
Anemos Crystals: How many you currently have.
Lockboxes: How many you currently have.

Allow change: Automatically sets the elemental type to match your current target.
NM Only: Only change when your current target in part of the NM Fates.
Single Stat Focus: This will be used when you have put all your points in one element to decide on Offensive or Defensive position.
Current MA: How many elemental changes you can do.
Min MA: Only change when you have at least this amount of MA.

Grind Settings
Buy Pots in Grind: Automatically buy potions from vendor while grinding.
Buy Amount: How many potions to buy at the vendor.
Min Before Buy: Once below this you will go buy from vendor.

Fate Tracker: Opens the Fate tracker window with loads of cool things.
Show Log: Open up a console log.
Reset Fate Tracker: Manually resets all Fate data the tracker has recorded.

Fate Tracker
Use Fate Names: Shows Fate names over NM names in the list below.
Toggle All: Opens and Closes all tabs below.
Fate Pop Notification: Enables Echo chat notifications when Fates spawn (With Sound Effect).
Sound Effect: The Sound Effect to be used with the Notification message.
Chat Mode: The Chat mode you would like to send a message in with the current NM/Fate data.
Include Ready: Include Ready spawns in the message.
Send Chat Msg: Click this to send the message.
Fate Tracker Tabs
Progress Bar: Shows the progress of the NM/Fate till its spawn-able again.
Info: Basic Hover over tool-tip with some basic data (Level, Element, Trigger mob. This can also show you a map of where the location is but required addition download of images from my discord - Link at bottom).
Available In: Time till ready including percentage.
Complete: Marks this complete as if it has just been killed.
Reset: Wipes all data on selected NM/Fate.
Time input: This is in Minuites.
+: Increase spawn time by time entered.
-: Decrease spawn time by time entered.


How do I move the button?
Same as the MMOMinion button, Click Right mouse and drag.


There's a chance the mesh may not be live by the time the addon is. You can find the mesh in my discord.



  • Initial Release


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >
For quick live support join my Discord >

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